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Marfega Trading Company, Inc.
Dba Islander Rent•A•Car & ASKS Fashion & Salon

P.O. Box 502356 CK, Saipan, MP 96950
Phone No. (670) 234-8233 (hotline 24 hrs); 288-0373; Fax (670) 288-0389

About Marfega Trading Co., inc.

Marfega Trading Company, Inc,. a woman-owned company under the tutelage of Ms. Norma M. Marfega, was established in 1984 on Saipan in the Commonwealth of the Northern Marianas Islands. Marfega Trading Company, Inc began doing business as Islander Rent•A•Car (Automobile Rental) and ASKS Fashion & Salon (Dress Shop & Tailoring/Retail-General Merchandise & Beauty Salon). The establishment of CNMI Air conditioning & Refrigeration (Service, Equipment/Parts Sales & Installation) and Islander Mini-Mart (Grocery Store) and the acquisition of Dandan Auto Shop (General Auto Repair shop) followed. Marfega Trading Company, Inc. is now a  Western Union Money Transfer Authorized Agent. 

The President & General Manager of Marfega Trading Company, Inc. Norma M. Marfega, is an accounting graduate from Aquinas University in Albay, Bicol province, Philippines, who began her career after getting married to an American Businessman.  With two decades of business experience in various fields, Ms. Marfega attributes her success to listening to customers, attending to their needs and giving them what they want.  She says, "My family and I have worked almost 24 hours per day to be where we are now".

Marfega Trading Company, Inc. has been able to grow from its humble beginnings due to the patronage of our valued clients from the Government & Private sector and our business partners. They have remained faithful to us and consistently given us their continued patronage and support. Marfega Trading Company, Inc continuously explores and seeks ways to better serve our traveling public, customers, guests and patrons .

Islander Rent A Car

Islander Rent•A•Car

Islander Rent•A•Car has been recognized throughout the Commonwealth of Northern Marianas.  With twenty-five years of solid experience in the car rental business, Islander Rent•A•Car has established branches in Saipan ( 4 locations), Tinian ( 2 locations) and Rota.  Growth in Guam's economy due to the military build up allowed Islander Rent•A•Car to re-open its branches in Guam. Islander Rent•A•Car is currently planning to open a branch in the Philippines so that our Customers from Saipan, Rota and Tinian and Guam can enjoy the exceptional service and value they presently enjoy in the Marianas.


Asks Fashion

ASKS Fashion & Salon

ASKS Fashion & Salon was established in 1997 and has two locations: Airport Road Dandan and Garapan. Our lines of business include dress shop & tailoring, beauty salon & retail/general merchandise.  The company has maintained its popularity through the talent of its staff and quality of service.

CNMi Air Conditioning

CNMI Air Conditioning & Refrigeration

CNMI Air Conditioning & Refrigeration was established in July, 2005.  Services include air conditioning & refrigeration service,installation, equipment & parts sales.  In almost five years of operation, the company has established its own customer base, including residential, restaurants, schools, commercial, local government projects and federal programs.

Dan Dan Auto

Dandan Auto Shop

Dandan Auto Repair Shop was established in January 1994, but was acquired recently and is now under sole proprietorship of Norma M. Marfega. Dandan Auto Repair Shop provides services for car body & A/C repair, maintenance and other automobile repairs.  Our customers and and their families enjoy the peace of mind that comes from automobile repairs done right with their safety in mind.

Islander Mini Mart

Islander Mini-Mart

Islander Mini-Mart is a newly-opened grocery store across from the Pacific Island’s Club (PIC) hotel located in San Antonio.  Items for sale include local and international products that suit the needs of the local people and our foreign guests. Services from our other companies, such as Western Union Money remittance and car rental services are also offered for the convenience of our valued customers.


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